Would you consider this codependent?

My ex got with me a few months after he left his previous girlfriend. He smothered me with affection until he seemed to get bored and I caught him on a dating site. Because I was dumb, I stayed friends with him after he ended things with me (I still had feelings for him, yes, I myself am codependent) he moved right back to his ex for a friend's with benefits relationship. When that ended, he tried to get with another girl only days later. When she turned him down, he got back with me (I was stupid, I'm aware) a week later, he had a new girl. She wasn't what he wanted so he found another one (he literally still had hickeys from the other one when he met the new one). He dated that one for a few months and she broke up with him. He was back on a dating site less than a week later. He found another girl who doesn't meet any of the rigorous standards he set for the women he dates, but he's with her anyway. It's like he can't be alone.
Do you consider this codependent behavior? I've dealt a lot with codependency, I've been to therapists, doctors, and meetings, and I see a lot of my old behavior in him.


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  • Maybe you are just projecting yourself onto him and he is just a dick?

  • he's a fuck boy and likes to fuck diferent girls and he is an attendion whore


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