My crush is LEAVING next year and I only have less than two months left... What should I do?

My crush, (let's call him Tony) I've had it for about almost a month now, I did some stupid stuff, got him creeped out, then I've been playing it slow, and playing hard to get.
So now, it worked.
I was watching him play basketball and he's a really good athlete, right, so every time he scored a basket, he would look at me briefly like yeah... I'm not sure but I think something's going on.
Then I was talking to one of my guy friends (let's call him Luke) and he peer-pressured me into telling him who I liked. Luke is friends with Tony but I can trust him not to tell him.
Then Luke's like, 'Oh, Tony's leaving next year, for like a special hockey school.'
I was devastated, but I tried to not show it. Luke told me that he knows two other girls who like Tony and he said that one of them straight up told Tony her feelings. He said I should do it before the end of the year.
After a lot of thinking, I agree but have no clue how to do it.
Does anyone have an idea how or just another option? I really don't want him to leave.


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  • First off ur 14 they come and they go. U can't force him to stay or go becoz of ur own selfish desires for him


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  • Unless ur willing to get out of your comfort zone and tell him how u feel (which by the way COULD lead u from talking to him more often if he has u on social media) or he’s just not gonna care but either way you’ll be fine with or without him.


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  • Tell him u like him and ask if he wants to hang out. Or get a friend In there to ask.

  • Get OVER it


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