Why did he lead me on? did he even care about me?

I met this guy on vacation and we went on a date and our chemistry was amazing. Right away we had feelings for each other after spending days together. When I went back home we kept in touch and he even came to visit me. We still kept in touch talking everyday and FaceTiming when he went back home. Our feelings grew stronger and he told me he would see me in the summer since we’re both doing a trip in Europe so we were both waiting for the summer to be together. When I asked him if we were exclusive he told me it was too soon and that he doesn’t wanna lose what we have so he’s waiting to see what will happen in the summer. A week later I told him
That if he would hu with other girls I would be hurt and he told me that we should be friends. My heart literally broke. He led me on completely. Why tell me we would be together in the summer and then break it right before? Was anything he said real? Did he even have feelings for
Me? Does he even care?


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  • I think you just assumed he had feelings for you and maybe he did. But you two were never officially together...
    It is okay to be hurt. Maybe he did care, but he just sees you as a friend. Don't feel obligated to be his friend, but don't be bitter for long about this.

    • He just texted me shabbat shalom.. should I reply? Or ignore... if I reply
      I feel like he knows he can string me along again

    • Be careful. Don't do stuff that you feel will hurt you.

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  • Doesn't sound like he was as serious as you were.


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  • How did he lead you on? You asked if you were exclusive, he said it was too soon.

    You then effectively told him he couldn't see other women so he decided that he wasn't going to have you tell what to do.

    He didn't lead you on, you destroyed anything that might have been by not listening to him.

    Sorry, no sympathy for you here!

  • I think he did care at one point but something definitely happened to end the friendship
    Maybe something you didn't know he knew about you
    I could be wrong though

  • dont trust a guy like that. He wants to have his cake and eat it too.


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