Is this insulting to me in any way or disrespectful?

My guy friend calls me baby, sweetheart, and wants to spend a lot of his time with me in which I am not used to. He comes to my place once a week, and went out of his way to come see me when I was hospitalized recently. I told him to stop calling me baby and sweetheart being we are just friends and I don't see him as being more than that. So he he text me, what does that mean to you?, and I said that you want me more than a friend. He text back, lol unfortunately no. I don't like you that and you are in the friend zone. I text him saying that is fine because I never wanted you as anything more than a friend. He then started texting me pics of several different women saying this is all the options I have, what do you think? I know we are just friends but I feel this is messed up.


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  • You are making a mountain out of a molehill. I call lots of women sweet or sweetheart, including female friends, and it means nothing.

    You might have just ruined your friendship with this chap though - he will feel uncomfortable around you because he will feel that he can't speak freely around you!

  • This one os rough. Depending on how he treats everyone else. Is he calling other friends that? Is he rediculously sweet with anyone else? Or is he trying to avoid an issue? Best way to know is directly from him.


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