Why my ex isn't clear to what he wants from me? When I ask him he avoids or gives non specific answers?

I ask him questions he never answer. He avoids to say about his personal life about his friends about his family. Basically he never shares anything with me. He disrespects me and implies i am less than him. We had a fight recently for a stupid reason and I told him
"Nothing will ever happen between us. I prefer to die than you touch me this way again. You don't value my opinions you don't respect me as person so tell me. Why u still talk to me?"
His reply was "when u will cool down we can talk again ".
I ask him questions he gives vague answers. I don't know why he can't explain to me what he wants.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Why are you even talkin to him call me instead

    • He sends me messages and initiates contact. But I know from a mutual frridn that he sleeps with others also

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    • Waste of time honestly but to each its own but there's better out there then that

    • Dnt always have to reply when he contacts. Or initiates contact.. Dnt be weak

  • if you talk to an ex, you never broke up


What Girls Said 1

  • Why are you stressing over your ex? That's the question. He wants to waist your time.

    • Waste my time? Why? He can walk away. Why he sends me messages?

    • Oh my bad *waste. Because he knows he will always get a reply from you.

    • So what he gains?

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