Does this comment mean that he likes me?

I seen the guy I have a huge crush on in the supermarket. Just to give a bit of background, he’s 36 and I’m 24 and we have a flirty friendship.

So anyway, I attempted to sneak up on him and he turned around holding a pack of ham saying “you’re lucky I didn’t hit you with this”

Then he was saying how he’d attack anyone who snuck up on him. I said “you wouldn’t do that to me!”

and he said “I would do it to anyone, but you’re different.”

Does this comment mean anything? What do you think?


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  • If you already feel signs that he could be into you, then yes, he could have said it because he likes you. But it could also be that he just sees you as a pleasant friend and doesn't want to hurt you or compromise your safety. Either way, he does favor you. So you have a really strong shot at a potential relationship! Best of luck!


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