Boss trying to set us up?

Where i work I some how last night ended up talking to my boss about me being single lol, and he then says why not date (We'll call him c) c, he's the perfect match for you. But what I don't get is why say why date that guy from work out of all the guys there?


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  • I'm guessing the guy has had a conversation with your boss before about wanting a relationship and your boss is seeing the opportunity to play matchmaker

    • Maybe but it's took him like 4 months to lol

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  • I'm looking for a relationship can we connect to see where it goes? write me on my email Clement Chris
    cc7971979@gmail. com

  • he thinks that guy would be good for you. your boss is NOT interested in you

    • I know that. I think u literally missed the whole question

    • no, im telling you the answer. you just refuse to listen

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