The girl I like drunkenly texted me that she likes me. We haven't really talked since. Why ?

Hey guys, been a while since I asked a question on here but really am finding myself in a pickle...

So I've liked this girl for a while now. We have known each other for about 2 years through mutual friends and are I would say are somewhere in between acquaintanceship and friends. We talk but it’s mostly just small talk …I've been trying to figure out how to ask her out without making it weird, I never wanted to sacrifice our friendship at all throughout this.

Anyway, last Saturday at 10:30pm she texted me that she liked me. I almost fell out of my chair ... I texted her back and confessed to liking her too and thinking she was so cute the first time I saw her. We were texting throughout the night but I wanted her to have a good a time so I kept the texting to a minimum. I told her to call me before she went to bed ... “Finally” I thought, we were going to have that talk ... you know the what happens next talk. I was ecstatic.

At around 1:30 am she texts me that she can’t find her friend and that she is nervous. I call her to try to help and she’s completely blitzed. I didn't realize she had gotten that drunk but didn't think much of it. She was so drunk that she said she loved me but then mentioned her ex for whatever reason… I honestly cannot really recall the conversation that much. I still told her to call me before she passed out and she said definitely. By this time she said she was on the party bus on the way back home. I call her @ 2:30 and I hear that she’s at somebody else’s house partying still so I just say we’ll talk in the morning. The whole night I kept wondering though if she was genuine or if it was just the booze talking. So … before I went to bed I texted her that exact question… She said she’d talk to me in the morning.

The next day comes along and we’re back to small talk. She says she was pretty blacked out that night. I didn’t want to embarrass her so I didn’t mention it.

We haven’t really talked since … I don’t know whets going on … I didn’t want it to get weird like this and I’m afraid it has. The last time I texted her was on Tuesday. I simply asked if she was busy, she was getting dinner with a friend so I said to just hit me up when she was free. She never got back to me …

Please help. Why do women do this ?

The girl I like drunkenly texted me that she likes me. We haven't really talked since. Why ?
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