Am I in his friendzone (Here are our texts)?

Guy I've been talking to for 3 weeks says that he's attached to me, never wants to lose me, I'm really important to him, etc. He's ignored me these past few days but actively watched my story.
I kinda got pissed and texted him, and he gave me an excuse.
"His snapchat wasn't working. "
I said "sure"
He said "whatever"
"I was getting a new phone too and I wasn't trying to sass him" (even though I was, b/c I was mad)
To which he says "it sounded like it"
I said "pft, I know when someone chooses not to talk to me, I'm not dumb. If i didn't like you as much as I do, maybe I wouldn't be caring so much."
He says: "Then let's just not talk then, I am who I am. I isolate myself frequently.
I said "I wanna keep talking to you, I really do"
Him. "The just understand that I am all over the place. Ignore everyone because I need my alone time"
I said "okay"
He said "It's not you, it's how I deal with things. I just realized I was being too anti social"
I said " I overreacted b/c I didn't know what was going on, I shouldn't have made assumptions, I think it could help if we got to know each other on a deeper level"
He said "That will have to be for another day, but you are a good girl"
I said "Im a good girl in what way?"
He said "Are my friend in the very least I am so disjointed from life that rn who knows"
I said everyone likes to have someone they can trust and talk to, etc. I asked if we're friends or if he's friendzoning me"
He said friends ill never friend zone you

I said that text made me smile, it's hard to explain but I'm sure we both know why
He didn't reply, which is okay :) But I was wondering if I am in the friendzone. We also sext, but I don't show a whole lot, and he also makes me a part of his life, and reassures me that he doesn't want me to feel like I'm being used. we've talked about wanting to see each other in real life
You're NOT friendzoned, wtf, why you even asking
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1 y
He didn't talk to me the whole day again, plus he wasn't on snapchat, so I decided to send him an attractive selfie, and he opened it in like 0.0001 seconds and said I was hot asf. I replied and said thanks with a wink but he wasn't on snapchat agian? lol
Am I in his friendzone (Here are our texts)?
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