He invite me to hotel on Second date?

We chatted this guy for a month u until we decided to meet. I like this guy so much. I want him to be my boyfriend. He said he is already courting me.

We had our first date in a cinema. I cuddle him while watching the movie while he holds my hands.

On the second date , he invite me to a hotel but I was scared and tell him I am not yet ready for sex. He said, I won't sex you. We will just spend time together , massage and u can cuddle me.

But i neglected his offer. He was okay with it. But I am afraid to lose him. I like him and I think I'm falling for him. Yes I'm going to have sex with him but not too soon. when should I sex with him? What shall I do to make him serious to me?
He invite me to hotel on Second date?
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