Is he hiding something?

So, me and my boyfriend have been together for 18 months. I'm not America not live in the U. S. he is in the Army and during all this time I haven't met his family but he did come to spend Christmas with mine last year. In his fb there is only one picture of us together and that's it, he used to have his friends public, so everyone was able to see them. When he came to my country he was checking his phone and I saw a conversation with a girl that first was his friend (or that's what he said) and then they just work together but they aren't friends. Then he started going out more often than usual and then he made his fb as private as possible. Anyways do you think this guy is cheating on me? Do you think there is something he is hiding from me? Or am I just acting crazy?
Ps: Sorry for the long post but I needed you to know all of this 😊
Is he hiding something?
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