Should I try to get a guy back? did he use me? opinions?

Hi there,
So i met this guy once at my college, i talked to him for a while and found out i really liked him so i picked up the courage to tell him and he instantly said he wanted to get to know me and see how it went. So for a while we messaged and talked getting to know each other. he then told me that he had a lot of problems, such as depression, anxiety and addiction and he thought it wouldn't work between us, things went quiet for a while but he then decided that we should try again so we met up one Saturday and went back to his place. He kissed me, which was my first ever kiss, we then started to do more sexual stuff on different occasions. about a month later he said he didn't like me like that and he didn't think we connected and wanted to be mates. I was obviously very attached to him and it broke my heart. I can't get over him and i want to be able to try again with him but he has a girlfriend and its really hurting me. I am very angry with him but at the same i still really like him. It has kind of made me doubt myself as well, i feel like no one will ever like me like that because of what he did to me, and it just makes me feel like shit.
Help please!
Should I try to get a guy back? did he use me? opinions?
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