What is this guys deal?

So weve been talking for 6 months. We went out a bunch of times together and really enjoyed each others company. We also both admitted into liking each other.
So I went to study abroad in Europe for a month. Before I left he texted me “i wanna talk to u more” and i said hahah talk to me, and he goes “i will if u want me to” then he went on to say “do you want me to reach out to u anymore! Id appreciate honesty” Which is weird because he never really texted me first and it was me doing a lot of the texting first.
I've been away now for 3 weeks and he hasn't once texted me or called me once. I reached out to him by sending him videos, texting a couple times asking how he was and even calling him (which he didn't answer) Alls he told me was that we got to facetime soon and I agreed and this was last Monday. No contact since then. Its so weird to because he told me again that he likes me before I left...
What is this guys deal?
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