Would you tell your new girlfriend this?

So my ex and I were on the verge of being together again, and I don’t really mind that we’re not but I’m kind of curious about this. Last week, we were still being sexual with each other, had intense conversation, then the next day (Friday) he told me he’d been on a date the night before with another girl and he wanted to pursue her. So he said some rude things to me, even though I said that I wouldn’t get in his way, and blocked me on every social media, except for twitter, because we really don’t use that to talk to each other. By Sunday, he was “in a relationship” again. I had posted on my Instagram about going on a date yesterday, and when I got home, I noticed I’d been blocked on twitter (I wasn’t earlier, I’d seen one of his tweets come up an hour beforehand). I’m just wondering if he told his new girlfriend he was still having sex with me just days before he met her, and if she told him to block me, or if he’s doing it on his own because he already did it everywhere else
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Would you tell your new girlfriend this?
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