Could these be signs a guy has genuine feelings?

- cuddles you all night
- kisses you randomly on the shoulder or back when he’s reaching over to get something
- Tells you when he’s not happy or things are troubling him
- plays with your hand and likes holding it
- Gets stressed if you can’t sleep well
- gets jealous of other guys talking to you
- massages you and tries to please you sexually
- told me he loved me once when he thought I was upset. I didn’t know what to say back and didn’t say it, because I wasn’t sure if he was just saying it.

Signs he doesn’t care

- he is emotionally unavailable
- he doesn’t love himself so how can he love someone else
- he doesn’t text everyday but did most days when you were in a relationship.
- he thinks of himself when talking about the future, like moving away from London
- never opens up aboht this feelings but is honest and open about everything else.
- has met your friends but not family as he doesn’t think he’s good enough
- wants to see you every week even though he can’t desk with a relationship
Could these be signs a guy has genuine feelings?
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