My boyfriend wants to spend more time with me?

We used to hang out all the time (so much to the point where I noticed we were both becoming bored, and I suspected he was losing interest) then suddenly my work started giving me all these shifts and I became busier. He said to me at school one day this week, “my mom said you work too much, we hardly hangout” and I was suspicious of that. Like, why would your mom say that? Why would she care?

so I asked him on the way home dropping him off if he really felt that way and he said yeah. It’s weird because we had been hanging out so much then we suddenly stopped but I thought space was good? We still hangout in school all the time, but just not outside as much because I’ve been busy. Why do you think he wants to hangout more after we’d been spending so much time together? by the way we’ve been together for like 4 and a half months officially
My boyfriend wants to spend more time with me?
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