Does he want me to message him?

I stopped talking to this guy I used to talk to about two months ago now. I unfollowed him on Instagram (realised he’s also unfollowed me) and he deleted his snapchat And he must of blocked or deleted me as a friend because i had to readd him (weeks went by and he never added me back). A month goes by and I’ve requested to follow the same guy on Instagram. He’s ignored this request (not accepted) even though I know he’s been on Instagram but, he added me as friend on snapchat after this and has now started watching my snaps.
What do you’d make of this strange behaviour. Do you think he just want to see what I’m doing? ( my instagrams open so he doesn’t need to have me as a friend to see my post) we always used to talk on snapchat do you think he’s trying to open up this line of communication again?

Hope this all all made sense! Thanks for any reply’s.
Does he want me to message him?
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