Why men & women act this way?

So today I was at the grocery store. While I was in line ready to pay my mom went to get some strawberries she forgot (so I’m my mind I thought...”mom will take forever to get back, let the person behind go next”. So I asked the guy behind me “would you like to go now” and he responded -“Maybe” and smile in a playful manner. I was serious so at that point I told him “well if you want, then go ahead”... he went in front of the line and said thank you twice. Suddenly I noticed a girl walking towards my direction with an attitude, it was his girlfriend. Once she stood next to him, he kissed her while looking at me 🤨. Then she kissed him, looked at me in a despicable way. Then he kissed her again and looked at me again. When my mom got back, I couldn’t help but to smirk at what their reaction was out of a regular situation and he looked at me. I've experiences similar situations many times. Now that led me to the following questions, why women over react sometimes because another girl/stranger talks to their man (especially if it’s only amable talk)? And why some men take the an amable act or word from a woman as if she has attraction/sexual interest in them?

*thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts 😊
Why men & women act this way?
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