Ex text me do you think he'll contact me again?

I was seeing a Spanish guy who lived in Spain!
I wanted a proper relationship, it appeared he wanted no commitment, plus he'd done long distance thing before ( from Spain to America) & it didn't work, also lots going on in his life with sick elderly parents/business/financial worries which all started just when he met me!
We kept in touch, mostly me initiating texts which he would reply to immediately!
2nd March was lst text I sent & he said that he still couldn't understand how we had ended up the way we were cos he liked me, which I also felt mutual about. After that, he didn't continue opening up.
I deleted him cos I felt I was wasting my time!
3 wks ago he sent me a text at 7pm wishing me Happy Mother's Day!(it was MD in Spain NOT in U. K. Where I live!) I responded couple of hours ltr thanking him and hoping he was well, he replied that it was MD in Spain and he remembered I had kids & it was most wonderful thing in life, hoped I was well, see you soon.. I jst said.. yes it was a very wonderful thing!
I'm thinking the whole MD thing was an excuse to initiate contact as I has stopped text him?
I'm hoping he texts again.. what u guys think about this situ?
Ex text me do you think he'll contact me again?
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