Guys would you care if a girl was more masculine than you?

People joke but I'm secretly man and they find it hilarious but I look like a little girl when I sometimes have the mind and behaviour of a man.

I get along better with guys and I'm usually having really harsh banter with them, I don't think I could be the same with girls or they'd get offered and take it personally. I work a blue collar job and I'm constantly get my hands dirty and lifting heavy things. I've been raised to be strong and tuff and I don't like talking about my feelings and emotions and just suck it up instead and try and hide them like nothing effects me and if someone does try to hurt me I tend to be quite feisty and take them down, I know how to protect myself. At the end of the day I can be very feminine but when guys first get to know me they tend to be intimidated or embarrassed but I'm sometimes more manly than them. For example at work there's one lad and I've had to teach him how to use a power drill and carry heavy things for him because he can't do it and the other boys laugh at him for it.

I worry it might be off putting for a guy if everyone thought I was the man in the relationship and sometimes I'm not very feminine and swear and I'm all grubby and have cuts and bruises all over after work sometimes.
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Sometimes I have bruises and cut on me to and that worries me and don't mean little one mean big nasty ones. I don't want people thinking I'm being abused and my crush once said "eww" when he saw my arm and it was all dirty and had bruises and cut all over it
Guys would you care if a girl was more masculine than you?
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