Does he like me? Is he flirting with me?

okay so there’s this guy that i’ve liked for about a year now. we first met each other doing theater, and the rehearsals were sometimes so long that we would stay after school so late that we ate dinner as a cast. we started this weird inside joke of him always flipping me off and me returning it. it has always been a joke and he’s always said it with a smile or laughing or whatnot. also, when one of my other friends flipped him off he told her to stop because it was our thing and not theirs. okay so it’s spring now and there’s another show. we are spending lots of time together and i feel like he paid extra attention to me. during the rehearsals he sat in my lap and touched me a lot. okay but get this: on opening night we were backstage together and sort of holding hands (like one of those instagram pics where someone is being led by someone else) and he just turns around and says “i love you _____” (my name) not “love ya” or “i lOvE yOu” but “i love you.” without missing a beat i tell him that i love him too and we go our separate ways. the next night he did the same i love you thing (after being a dick to me) and i panicked and quoted the vine and said “i love you too, bitchhh”. then, on the day of the last show i found him afterwards and gave him a hug and told him i was going to miss him because he wasn’t going to the after party (and he’s in the grade above me so we don’t have any classes together). he told me he would miss me too, but not to worry because we still see each other in the hallway a lot. i ask him what he means, and he starts reeeling off all of the times and in between which periods that we run into each other! he kept track of it! also, during lunch one day we were eating with a huge group of our friends and i noticed that he was making an effort to constantly be touching me someone. whether it be arm to arm or leg to leg or him in my lap, he was always touching me. my friend said she noticed it too. there’s acc a few more but i’m out of space
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okay so so more: after lunch one day i was with my friend and he pulled me away and told me to come to his locker with him. with have a basic conversation and then get into this play fight over some gum. we weren’t holding back from touching each other at all and one of his friends came up and started teasing him. he got super defensive and told the kid to shut up and i had no idea how to respond?
Does he like me? Is he flirting with me?
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