Do you think he was joking?

My crush who's a mechanic and has given me discounts before.

I went to take my car in for a yearly test to make sure everything was running smoothly, his garage is on the street next to my work and I popped in, in the morning with my female colleague. I asked him if he was busy and he replied with "not that busy why" and I said I needed a check done and I asked if he could do it and he said yes then I asked if he can do it right now... my female colleague went ahead and said "you're not demanding are ya!" With a smile and he said "yeah we charge extra if you want it done right now" he wasn't smiling but he wasn' serious either but his face looked passionate when saying it.

Anyways he moved a customers car out the way when after the above happened, a customer that he was with so I could bring my car in and upon looking at the certificate when he finished it was done 15 minutes after I brought it in (the test) he also gave me a good deal everyone keeps telling me the price he did was really good and cheap (he' also given me discount before and really helped me out as I don't earn a lot. I went to his garage at 9.30am told him I need my car at 12pm is that ok and he said yes see you then.

Was he joking about the charging extra?
Do you think he was joking?
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