Stages of guys getting over a breakup?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year. You might think I'm out of my mind for still being here while he still grieves an ex. Maybe I am, but by the time I realized the extent of the hangup, I was already in love with him. He is possibly the most amazing person I know in spite of his flaws.

I started at a rebound, but it grew. He fell for me and thought he was getting over her. Then he relapsed, got depressed/angry, tried getting her back, got depressed/angry again. This was hell for me, and our relationship took a lot of damage. Very slowly (months), he stopped wanting her. He still suffers severe depression, but the bargaining was replaced by more anger. He doesn't want her back anymore, but he's angry at the universe. I understand that because I'm also a nihilist, and tbh my cure so far is just to not think about it when I can help it.

He's in a job he hates, lives in a toxic environment, and lacks the motivation to change any of these factors that have made it worse. It's worth mentioning he's bipolar, but I have hope he will improve. He has in some ways very slowly, but he relapses often. Does anyone else have experience with this?
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They were together four years. She was his first love, and he was looking for a ring.
Stages of guys getting over a breakup?
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