Guys teasing girls?

So once, my crush said something and I laughed, and then I don't remember what happened but then he said, "I've never heard this girl talk." or something. Or it might've been "This girl never talks." (something of the sort.) to his friend/guy walking next to him. And I'm like, "Yes I do." and he's like "No you don't." and I'm like "You've heard me talk before" (since it's true.) And then he mimicked me in a high voice. I know he wasn't trying to be mean or anything. It made me mad though, but we were walking side by side and he was walking somewhere else so we just went our ways. I know lots of people say guys are mean and tease girls when they like them. Is that true? Do any of you do this?
1 y
I know just that alone doesn't mean he likes me, I understand. I know that. But is it part of it, is what I'm wondering?
Guys teasing girls?
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