He called me by the wrong name?

So dating this guy and he was drunk texting me annoying the life out of me to cuddle. I was actually in the mood for cuddles until he said the wrong name in the text. I just said go cuddle her friend and he was like easy mistake cause our names are so similar. And he was like I don’t even know a girl with that name.

So I obviously went and checked his insta and he has one girl on his list with that name who likes every photo of his. I said you do clearly know a girl with that name and my research skills are clearly better than yours.

We’re not exclusive but it’s the fact I feel he is lying to me and thinking he can outsmart me. I actually wouldn’t have minded being in a relationship with him but calling me the wrong name and lying about it has pissed me right off.
He is clearly seeing this other girl too
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Probably just a easy mistake cause his drunk and he probably lied cause he knew it would make you angry
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1 y
He now replied I probably do know a girl with that name. And said don’t be like that. That I know I’m the only one he is this intense with. As I said were not exclusive I just think it looks suspect.
He called me by the wrong name?
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