Does this mean she was the last resort?

So I work with this guy, he obviously has a huge crush on me. He’s always there to help, always playing around & he’s a bit of a perv with the eye contact lol.

So weeks ago he asked me to hang out at his house, I turned him down bc I didn’t want him to think I was cool with “hooking up”. Not saying he would’ve forced himself on me or anything but you know going to his place would make getting intimate way easier & im not that kind of girl.

So weeks after he gave another coworker of ours his number & asked her to hangout. Me & her are really cool & she immediately told me after he did that. I was thinking ewh, not because he asked her but because he was just going through basically all the single girls at the job.

So then you fast forward to now & I found out he went to the last single coworker he could get to & she ended up putting out. Now I pay attention to body language & he clearly put it on her because she’s acting extra clingy. She even gets mad when he stares at me for long periods of time or smiles at me. He’s not even her dude though so it’s hilarious.

I’m wondering would she qualify as the last resort since she was the last person he chose to go to?
Does this mean she was the last resort?
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