Guys please help me ?

I don't know what he is doing. He walked near me on the stairs then he walked in front of me. Then after a while I was in my class looking out the door to see him he came but the door was closed he opened the door with his "female friends" and he looked at me he saw me looking he left so we made eye contact. After that I had a class which both of us are in with the other girl "the one I'm not quite sure if he likes" he was with her and playing with her but he was taking galnces at me but not in a obvious way we walked in to the class he sat far away from me but I looked for a bit at him and he looked at me from the edge of his eyes he saw me looking then he started to play with her again at that point I stopped staring at him then at the end of the class he walked out with her. Lastly I had a class that he and her are not with me in it but I sit near the door so I saw that he sent out of the class. At the end of that class I walked down the stairs I saw him waiting or walking near the stairs the he walked before me and I walked after him but between us there was lots of people so and she was still up the stairs. Someone called him behind me but he didn't look at all! What is her trying to do I'm sooooo confused.
1 y
I'm sorry it is so long but I really want help
Guys please help me ?
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