Not texting me after staying with him for a week?

(Were both 18) So him and I are sort of in a relationship, and we've talked about making it official but he's scared to do so because he said he doesn't want to screw it up and lose me? I told him I'd wait till he was ready.

anyway, we've been "together" for almost a year now. It's long distance which is hard, but we text/call basically every day. He's stayed at my place for two weeks before, I've stayed at his for a week before and he's taken me on dates etc...

well last week I was staying with him and we had the most amazing time. He took me on a few dates, bought me flowers and chocolate and all that and we slow danced etc. Then I had to leave. We were both every upset that I had to leave. Usually he would text me and make sure I got home safely etc... and he said he'd post the pics of us together but he didn't. It's been 3 days and he hasn't texted me, and ignored me when I tried to contact him! Under what circumstances would a guy just drop off the face of the planet like that?
Not texting me after staying with him for a week?
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