Why is my ex acting this way? I feel so let down what do I do?

This may be long but please bare with me. Well I met this guy last year in May hit things off pretty quickly with him we didn’t date for long many arguments started and we kept breaking up and getting back together until he told me we were done for good. that was it I blocked him and had no contact whatsoever.

Must of been January his family member messaged me saying he misses me and doesn’t know if he still loves me I thought it was a complete set up and joke so I carried on with my life and told his family member well he’s with his girlfriend I hope he’s happy.

Little did I know only a month later I’m messaging him telling him about what his family member said and if I’m being honest it felt as though even after those long 8 months of not seeing each other or speaking we picked up where we left off and he told me how he felt missed what we were etc we got back together everything was good We hardly ever argued like we were before.
A few months later I find out I’m pregnant with his child and I told him that I wasn’t ready for a child and he didn’t like that which I understand he has a right to have feelings too after I told him I wasn’t keeping it he messaged me a days later saying he wants me and the baby but his actions weren’t telling me he meant what he was saying at that time I said okay I’ll give you a chance to show me you really want this for both of us and little than two weeks later he wouldn’t even ask if I was okay so I asked him if he still wanted to be with me he said he didn’t know so I told him nah I’m doing this doesn’t feel right and I started to feel something was off and this was gonna go wrong and I started to feel unhappy so I told him this is final I’m not going through with this and you can’t change my mind. He then started saying I was killing an innocent life I’m gonna regret this, I’m ruining his life and mine. I feel so disappointed and let down by him how am I supposed to over come that?
Why is my ex acting this way? I feel so let down what do I do?
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