HOW should I go out with a BANG, to get the most fame?

My health is deteriorating. The residual stroke effects on my memory and body are making it so I am ready to go out with a bang. People will know who I am! I am ready to die, so go out with a bang!
Had I gotten ADIPOSE stem cells, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, maybe transcranial magnetic resonating, I would not always be so effing sick and tired.
I tried social media, but was just too unsexy to pull the numbers, or the compassion. The numbers never lie, and they told me I was the zero.
I am ready to go out with a bang, make a big noise. I am left with no other choice.
The records companies did not pay my song a first listen. It was a hit to those who did, but when you are unsexy, you gotta go out with a bang for fame, or infamy, both preferable to no-famy. I just forgot what I was going to write, damn stroke dementia, whatever! I will go out with a bang! OH, that is what I was gonna write: when GOD gives you a life of pain, the only response for people like me who got nothing in this world, is to throw it back in God´s face, in such a way to become famous, posthumously.

Song lyrics I LOVE these damn lyrics: ¨Dropped in on them like the BOMB!
Blew the competition to hell. Dropping to the ground and shot them all down.
GRAFFITI on the walls, like bloodstains. Took alotta pain to create it.¨
HOW should I go out with a BANG, to get the most fame?
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