How to make him think of me as a potential partner?

I have this guy friend who I'm really into. He's good at sports and average at academic. He's not very talkative but when he talks or make a joke, the guys can easily laugh or overreact. Guys in our class like to hang our with him but he doesn't hang out with guys from the other classes. To be very honest, he respects girls a little more than the other guys in our class. Although he still cusses and talk about private parts in the class when girls are around, he did mention that he wouldn't call a girl "dude" or even "bro" because he respect girls. He doesn't hang out with girls, not even in class unless he have a question. I'm somehow into this guy and I know this is a bit weird but how am I supposed to make him think of me as his potential girlfriend without physical interaction or flirting as he doesn't interact much with girls and wouldn't like it when a girl flirts with him?

*Please give me the few stages if possible so I can track my process*
How to make him think of me as a potential partner?
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