Is it normal for a guy to push you away when he has personal drama?

I was very catious when I met him. I didn't want to fall in love and get hurt. . . But there was something different. I knew he had fallen for me quicker than he wanted to, I knew he loved me, and i could tell it scared him.
His ex cheated on him a year ago, it wasn't long until he opened up about his past to me.
Something happened about a month ago, i was out one night with friends while he was at work. A super creepy guy started hitting on me and making me very uncomforatble. But before i could get out of the situation, one of his friends that worked there messaged him and told him I was cheating.
The next day, despite my explanation he freaked and ended it with me. . . I gave him space for a week and we ended up getting back together. It took us some time to get fully back to normal, we had an amazing date and I could tell we were finally okay again and that he had opened back up to me.
Out of nowehere the next day, he cut contact, said he can't do this. Told me he couldnt come see me, cause he was trying not to break down. nothing is going right in his life right now, and that he just can't do it.
Im so confused, I still love him. . . And i know he still has feelings for me. Thats why nothing makes sense.
Is it normal for a guy to push you away when he has personal drama?
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