Doe my guy friend have feelings for me?

I ask this because recently he’s been showing some weird feelings. It all started when I began posting a guy on my snap I had been talking to. After he’s seen my story of him he started acting depressed , he’d send me depressing snaps he’d send to streaks and his story would be depressing. It looked like when he snapped me some times his eyes were watering as if he cried ( but he said he was tired when I asked but I don’t believe it because he’s been acting different )
His brother messaged me out of the blue and started asking if there’s anything between me and his brother and I said no ( he asked it twice and said something about “playful courtship” referring to his brother I guess)
I told my friend his brother was contacting me and he got mad at me immediately and was mad for a couple of days really bad. For why I don’t know? Why’d his brother randomly message me and ask those things? Why’d he get mad at ME?
He forgave me now and everything was fine till I posted a pic of the guy and now he’s being eh again and posting stuff on his story and streaks. I think he likes me but when I asked if he was jealous he shook it off and said “” and said “it’s not that reason” however it seems he doesn’t want to tell me becauee when I asked why he wouldn’t tell me why he was angry , he doesn’t flirt with me but he is kinda mean to me but I think it’s a playful way as his brother hinted. I think he was hurt and jealous and his brother tried to expose him to me some way. He told me also not to post his stickers or picture on snap anymore and when I asked if the guy was why that’s when he said it’s not that reason. However he never had a problem with I till now which is odd.
What do you think? Ask me if you have any further questions
He asked me recently “how do I ask a girl out?” And I told him what I thought and he said it’s hard and he’s shy.
Doe my guy friend have feelings for me?
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