Is it petty to not contact him?

It’s been about 4 days since I’ve called/texted a guy I was “talking” to because the other night I accidentally called him so I hurried up and hung up. Not realizing the call went through and soon before I knew it he called back. I told him “sorry, I didn’t mean to call you” he responded with “oh ok you meant to call your boyfriend” I was so annoyed by his accusation that I just said “ok” and he hung. I few minutes later I texted him like “u weren’t serious just now, were u” he read the text the next day and never responded so I haven’t contacted him either. I felt like that was rude. Although, I do miss him and want to contact him but dnt know if he wants bothered. But yet I’m like F that he hasn’t contacted me I’ve done nothing wrong.

Am am I being petty?
Should I call him?
Is it petty to not contact him?
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