Should I wait for him or should I move on?

i have this crush on this guy and according to him he likes me too, but he recently got out of a 8-9 months relationship. sometimes he looks so down when we are together and if i ask him if he's ok or if he's thinking of her he denies it. We talked about his ex and he said he can't see himself going back to her since they just always find a way to hurt each other... But yet he is still in love with her. His mother and the ex are really close friends and they still keep contact with her. He told me that they are just friends but can two exes that still have feelings for each other still be just friends?

I seriously really like him and accordning to him he wanna be with me too but he want's to be low key in public, but when we are alone together he doesn't leave my side, we can cuddle for hours while watching movies till we both fall asleep. All i can think about when i see him or when I'm with him is that he is still in love with her and no matter what i do i can't shake those feelings... My question is just how long will he be in love with her?
Should I wait for him or should I move on?
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