Is this guy into me?

This is a question more for fun but-

This guy is from my childhood. I can’t really say we were friends, but we went to a small school for years so everyone kind of knew one another. He’s always stayed in touch with me through social media in some fashion. In high school we had a small flirtation like teenagers do and I think I may have been the one who stopped talking to him. But, In our adult years, he’s found me on Facebook and I’m pretty picky about who I add, so I declined a few times and he would try again. I finally added him, and he’s tried reaching out about once a year since- and again, I didn’t respond. No particular reason, but I just didn’t feel
like. He reached out again, and I’m interested this time around in getting to know him. He’s currently deployed out of the country but he’s coming home to visit in a few months and asked me to get coffee, and I agreed. So
all of this makes me think he’s interested, but the one thing that makes me question it is that he doesn’t ask me questions, unless I’m short with my reaponse or try and end the convo somehow. I guess I think if he’s tried all of the years to connect, why wouldn’t he want to know more? And then I will even try and elaborate on something and he won’t relate back to keep the convo flowing... so it naturally would end unless I ask another question, so it feels like a lot of work to talk right now.
Is this guy into me?
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