Why do guys lose interest and cheat?

So I found out my boyfriend of 6 months was cheating on me and was seeing this other chick for 3 months. She told me they even became official like over a month ago... I talked to him about this and he told me he hardly knew her and thought of her as a "hoe". He told me he only truly cared about me. And how he only entered a relationship with her because that's what she wanted.

I asked him why he cheated and he said because he lost interest. And I told him he lost interest because he found someone else to entertain him. As soon as she started texting him that's when he started to get cold. He lost interest because someone else started entertaining him someone else who he thought was better. He even mentioned how when he first started dating me he would always talk to me all the time but suddenly it just decreased. That's when another person came into the picture.
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To tell you the truth, even I find the other girl gorgeous
Why do guys lose interest and cheat?
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