Why did he give me a mint?

I was with a group of friends hanging out in a park around 1 am, and we were standing in a circle. Suddenly one the guys, from across the circle, stretches his hand and taps my arm. He had a closed fist so I opened my hand and he dropped a mint in it. I was like "oh, thanks" but I found it kinda weird. He didn't say anything. He just dropped it, then retracted his hand and got one himself.

He didn't offer, he just dropped one in my hand.
He did not give/offer anyone else

It couldn't have been bad breath because I already had gum in my mouth. I had talked with him a lot while walking to the park, and in that time he must've noticed I was chewing gum right?

Why did he do that?

Why did he give me a mint?
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