Do I just let him come to me now?

So this guy I’ve been talking to in my building and I finally hooked up. The morning after he texted me good morning. He said he was going to the gym so I said have a good workout and text me later, to which he never did.

Fast foward hours later when I bring my friends who are visiting to see our pool. He is up there with 2 other girls ( who supposedly also live in our building and are friend with him and his roommate)

I was taken aback so I pretended not to notice him at first. I look over and he is frantically waving at me. I said hi and that was about it.

Then I went into the pool area to say hi to my roommate and tell her I’m leaving. I see him with the girls again and he’s just looking at me hardcore and waves at me and I didn’t really wave back

I haven’t heard from him since..

should I just wait for him to reach out to me?

I know we aren’t together so I shouldn’t let the two girls bother me...
Do I just let him come to me now?
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