Am I out of luck?

I like this boy. I’ve liked him for 4 years now, but only confessed to him recently (5 months ago). He started to text me more and made me feel special by calling me unique and actually spending time to talk to me.
I finally had the courage to sneakily ask him if he would like to start a relationship. It didn’t go as planned and I basically ended up heartbroken.
I went to a party a couple days ago and he was there. Before the party I found out he had gotten rejected by another girl (who was also there), so that also rebroke my heart lmao.
But during the party, I could feel him staring at me and I even caught him a couple times (I could be mistaken, and I’m not trying to sound narcissistic). Toward the end of the party, the girl who rejected him was wearing his sweater and another girl was cuddled up besides him. My heart hurt seeing this, these girls are also way more prettier and confident then I am.
But am I out of luck just yet? Did those texts mean nothing to him and was he actually staring at me? Or am I just a crazy , jealous teenager?
Am I out of luck?
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