What is going through his head?

I’ve been speaking to a guy for over 3 months... He lives in another state and we often facetime eachother when we can. He knows that I like him and that I would welcome him here anytime. We have exchanged a few inappropriate pics. He messages me to ask me for help on grammar at times and sometimes I ask him for advice on what outfit I should wear and about guys and relationships. Last week, I was missing him... It had been three days since our last chat. I messaged him and said ‘I miss talking to you.’ He responded with ‘Me too. I’ll facetime you tomorrow.’ I was blown away... I wasn’t expecting him to tell me that he missed me too... I was extremely happy. I was contemplating driving 8 hours to see him with a friend, but it accomodation is just soo expensive. I asked him if he would come to see me if I paid for his flight and accommodation. Much easier and cheaper for him to come see me and I wanted to see if he really does like me enough to make the effort. He said ‘I don’t know let me sleep on it.’ I didn’t expect him to give me a yes or no answer straightaway. I asked him last night and I’m still waiting on his response? I’m feeling anxious and I’m not sure what to think.
1 y
It’s been 2 days and still no response... How can it possibly take this long to decide? I’m starting to feel annoyed...
What is going through his head?
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