I really like this guy but I don’t know where I stand?

I really like this guy that I met in febuaury. We have become closer connected since the end of April as that’s when I first kissed him. I made the first move but he approached me.
So then I didn’t see him for two weeks as we wernt at the same venue. May 11th I was out at a barn dance and I was hoping to see him there by chance. He seen me and again approached me. We were basically with each other the whole night it was cute kissed a lot and he kissed my forehead surprisingly.
Then I was walking infront of him and he started squeezing my bum was flirty lol. Then near the end of night I said I was going home and he said give me a kiss before you go which was cute.

I texted him the day after around 9pm and thought he was a bit off like I had to keep thinking of what to talk about. I haven’t talked to him since it’s has been 4 weeks. I thought he would’ve texted but he hasn’t and I really want to talk to him and all but awell.

He was sweet with me that night and he isn’t shy hhe is confident.
I don’t know where I stand I’m hoping to see him this weekend as there is something on and I’m staying down with friends.

If he comes over if he is there I don’t know should I say to him why don’t we start talking abit more or just ignore him but then I don’t want to ruin my chances as I like him
1 y
We matched on tinder last week and he likes my fb pics so I don’t think it’s a fling we haven’t done anything sexual or he hasn’t made it known
I really like this guy but I don’t know where I stand?
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