Should I ghost him or explain to him?

Guys help?

So it's been over 2 months since I first spoke to this guy - we're both interested to meet each other but schedules just keep getting in the way. He was away for about 4 weeks with a break in between which he asked me out and then after he got back, I cancelled a couple times due to personal reasons. He even said we seem to have very bad luck when it comes to meeting.

Just learnt that I'm taking an overseas assignment for about 2 months abroad. Should I ghost him or explain the situation to him? I never talk to guys for this long without meeting. Sure it's not deep conversation , but I think there's healthy interest on both our parts.

He seems pretty keen on wanting to meet. He's a decently nice guy as far as I can tell. Would my telling him that I'll be gone for 2 months be a turn-off? If so, should I ghost him and maybe reappear suddenly after I'm back?
Explain that you'll be gone for 2 moths - he'll still want to meet you after you're back
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Ghost him - it's a lost cause
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Should I ghost him or explain to him?
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