What does a guy mean by this?

So I finally got the nerves to talk to my crush and I knew he had something for me too. I said to him I can tell that you liked me. And he said how and I told him because I heard you say it to you friend. All he said was so things go around huh? Trying to play it cool I guess. Then he started asking me other questions like if I graduates high school and what college I’m going to. We go to the same church so he asked me what happened to your people? (Aka parents and little brother) I don’t know why he had to say it like that tho🤦🏾‍♀️ I told him they were gone for a week. So he asked me if I had a number and handed me his phone. So I typed my name and number. He said he will text me someday. What do he mean by someday? This was Sunday and it’s Tuesday now and he still never texted me.😒
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Do guys really do the 3 days rule?
What does a guy mean by this?
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