My Ex Boyfriend's Best Friend?

I was with my ex for 5 years-
we broke up in Nov 2016 and at the beginning of the following summer, I joined a new church. To my surprised his best friend happened to go there (I had no idea about this until I joined otherwise I probably wouldn't have lol). I had met him before and we actually got along well but I was always his best friend's girlfriend and he my boyfriends best friend - and then of course I'm sure he had opinions about me based on whatever it was my ex told him after the breakup.
Anyway he still spoke to me and was actually very friendly and nice, and ended up giving me lifts too and from the youth group every week and we were always next to each other and chatting to each other, but for a long while there was always the elephant in the room - I didn't want it to be but it was.
Later on in summer we ended up going to a festival together, with the youth.
After the week I could tell we had gotten closer, we had a few chats about my ex & I believe he actually started to get to know me for me and was able to decide for himself that he liked me as a person not basing it off what he'd been told which I also think he realised wasn't all entirely true in the first place.
A year later I consider him a good friend we have chatted every single day since w/out fail - we get along so well, have good banter and finally, though it took a while I feel like we have our own friendship now. Anyway I lowkey fancy the pants off of him, I think he's gorgeous and so funny and I have such a soft spot for him. I've always thought he's been a bit tactile with me too and a bit flirty (and that not typically what he's like). But He's still best friends w/ my ex and I always wondered whether he'd actually ever have the balls to go there w/ me or not. I can't read him/ work him out - but when we talk it feels like there's something there. Do you think he would or is boy code too strong?
My Ex Boyfriend's Best Friend?
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