How can I start talking to a shy guy?

I recently asked a guy friend of mine for his friend’s Snapchat. I’ve seen this guy in person a handful of times, but only really talked once one on one. That time we were talking, I accidentally called him handsome, and luckily he didn’t walk away haha. Instead he continued the conversation. I’ve heard from his friends he’s very shy when it comes to girls and talking to them. Long story short, I added him on Snapchat, and he accepted a few minutes later. A little after that I sent him a message letting him know who I was and the last thing I said was “what’s up?” This was around 8:00 at night. He didn’t open it til the next morning. It’s been a week and he hasn’t responded. But he’s been viewing my stories. Is he just ignoring me cause he’s not interested, or is it normal for a shy guy not to respond cause they’re nervous? Any advice to what I should do next, if anything?
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How can I start talking to a shy guy?
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