Parenting at a young age?

I am a single mother at the age of 20, the father of my baby is not a responsible man i think. We broke up when i was still carrying our baby inside me, that was because he was always acting as if he was the victim for being a father at a young age.
First time we knew about my pregnancy, he was not surprised because he already thought of it, he was also happy that time to have a baby but as months passed he started changing, he acts like a baby that needs to be pampered all the time. We started arguing about small things and he was always saying that i'm the one who doesn't appreciate his love for us. I don't get him because he should be acting to be more responsible for me and our baby, i even gave him many chance to prove himself to be a father but he didn't show any improvements. So i decided to broke up with him, he's just giving me and my baby a hard time understanding him and his immaturity.
My question is if my baby asks for his father should i give them the chance to meet each other eventhough right now his father doesn't even try to see our child?
Tell my child about the father but do not let them meet each other.
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Tell my child that the father had gone long time ago and nowhere to be found.
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Let the child meet his father when he wants to meet him.
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Parenting at a young age?
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