Would you think this is a date?

I’ve been talking to this guy I like for 6 months and we always plan to meet but it never happens. He always asks me to call him and he admitted to liking me and wanting me. So he then casually asked me if I wanted to meet at his place. I thought this was a bit strange so I said “somewhere public first.” But he didn’t like any places I suggest in public he just wants to meet at mines or his place. So I say I will meet him there. Then he sends these emojis 🤔🍸💋💥😉 saying “nice time with you.” P. s we did both talk about sex and I asked him why he wanted me at his house? He then kept on saying “for everything.” Then I said “it’s for sexual isn’t it?” But he replied with “I said for everything.” What does “for everything even means? Would this be a date if I go or just sex? And what does he mean by “everything.”
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Also do u guys think he just wants a sexual relationship or more?
Would you think this is a date?
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