How do guys feel after a friendship breakup?

It’s been a month and a half since my guy friend blocked me and I miss him deeply. We were friends for almost two years and talked almost everyday (we also had intercourse a few times but our friendship did not revolve around sex but when we had it it was amazing and we were very comfortable with eachother). I am going to be honest and say I was the toxic one and despite the fact that we had fun times together and great conversations there was a lot of arguing and last month it just built up and he said that he cares for me but he feels as if I’m making him be someone he’s not and trying to control him (I genuinely did not mean to come off like this) and that he always has to explain himself over and over to me. In the past he’s blocked me and forgiven me (he’s forgiven me many times) but this time it’s off everything except Facebook which we were never friends on.

A lot of my friends are saying it’s probably to stop him from being tempted to speak and forgive me again. I also know for a fact that he viewed my Instagram profile literally all the time. So he probably blocked me so that he won’t do that anymore.

Is it possible to talk so much and instantly forget about someone or even a month later, could I still cross his mind? The most we’ve gone after an argument is 3 weeks without talking and then he initiated contact. I wonder if he feels any hurt? Although I’m sure he’s relieved to not be arguing w me. Minutes before the argument escalated he told me he cared about me so has he stopped caring by now?

Is there any chance that he could just need a few months of space then maybe speak to me? I just have a feeling he’s not gone forever...

**the last argument was not horrible it was just build up which made him block me but we did not say things that were non forgivable, only the classical F offs were used lol.

(And please, I appreciate all advice but don’t tell me to move on. I am but I’m allowed to miss someone.)
How do guys feel after a friendship breakup?
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