How to approach a intimidating guy following me at the gym?

there's this middle aged bald dude at my gym and i can't help but feel like he's following me around and copying my lifts/routine since a month and some weeks ago, now. at first i thought it was just a coincidence, but as time went on, he started to match me on the time i arrive to gym. everytime i do bench, squat, and deadlifts he always comes next to me doing the same compound lift that i'm doing but with more weight. fridays are my back days but i do deadlifts on back days. i'm mainly a sumo deadlifter and i've never seen anyone else pull sumo at my gym. all the big guys even make fun of me for pulling sumo because they think it's cheating like i'm just cheating myself for pulling sumo and that i don't think it's cheating because i think sumo is all about techniques and leverages. when i first saw the guy there, he only pulls conventional with like 315+ lbs but now he switched to only pulling sumo shortly after i started noticing him following me. Monday was my squat day and i purposely rotated between front, high bar, and low bar squats randomly between each set but he copied each type of squat i did in the exact same order and number of reps, too. yesterday i started warming up for bench press with just the bar, he arrives and literally just stood there lingering around me while waiting for a bench press next to mines to free up.

at first i tried not to care but as time pass, it's starting to get old and annoying now, it feels like as if someone is copying every word i'm saying and won't stop. funny but it quickly becomes annoying. i want to approach him and tell him to stop but he looks very intimidating, i'm scared AF. even his resting face just naturally looks like he's angry/mad all the time. when he grunts super loud under load, his face all red, looks like a orc from lord of the rings doing a warcry before battle like he's about to beat the shit out of someone. can someone give me some tips on approaching intimidating people so i don't get beat up?
How to approach a intimidating guy following me at the gym?
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